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Do you tend to overdo it on holidays? Do you eat until you’re full…and then go back for seconds (or thirds)? And then you dive into the pie? It’s always amazing at the time, but you always end up regretting it.  

You’re not alone! Overindulgence is a holiday tradition for nearly everyone, but you can cleanse your body and start feeling better fast, despite all the rich foods and delicious desserts.  

’ll tell you exactly how to eat and what to eat to feel better. I’ll give you a meal plan and grocery guide. I’ll give you simple and delicious recipes to make your life easy and your family happy.  

My 5 Day Vegan Detox will spell it all out for you quickly and easily. I’m sharing 5 days of detoxing foods that I know you’ll love (because they taste great and help you feel great)!  

So if you’re ready to: 

  • Feel better after overindulging
  • Reduce Bloating and inflammation in your body
  • Make shopping easy with a done-for-you grocery guide
  • Discover new, delicious recipes
  • Effortlessly plan 5 days of tasty, healthy meals
  • Check in with our group to stay accountable  

You know what it feels like to overindulge. You know how uncomfortable it makes you. You know how your body feels.  

You don’t have to feel that way anymore.  

You can feel healthy. You can feel in control. You can feel better than ever!  

And you can do it with the 5 Day Vegan Detox. For only $9 you can reset your body and your health so you can get back to normal! 

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to throw you off your game. Eat well, feel better!